[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.0.11

[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.0.11 have been released and provide support for Internet Explorer Version 9. Additionally version 4.0.11 fixes a number of bugs.

Corrected bugs:

3635 – New Employee record can now be saved in PSW Employee Maintenance.

3634 – Overtime values on Days are now mor precise when the H/100 format is used.

3633 – Mail notifications in credit card import have been optimised to work with slower responses from SMTP servers.

3632 – The web application is now fully compatible with IE9.

3631 – Proxies can now be changed mid way through a forms cycle.

3629 – Inquiry Profiles with multiple tabs can now return the correct SQL query.

3628 – Resolved an issue with the APPROVAL_APPROVERS table insert failing due to overflow.

3626 – Printing of Timesheet now works if there are more timesheets with different statuses.

3622 – Accounting Period is now correctly determined for Forms.

3620 – Description and Alternate Description are now available on Task Analysis.

3613 – Project and Project Name are now shown in Correction Tool even if the project is closed and does not allow posting.

3612 – Resolved an intermittent Error message when trying to login.

3188 – The system has been optimised to remove mail errors on slower SMTP servers.