[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.0.4

[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.0.4 have been released.

This article summarises the key features contained in this version.

Expense Forms

The attaching of images to forms and their removal at line level and form level can now be controlled by the workflow status of a form.

Visibility of the Document Link and Status columns can now be controlled by the workflow status of a form.

A new tool, Workflow Control, is available in the PSW to enable managers to control, and even reverse, the workflow of forms. Forms can be recalled from one status, even ‘posted’ status, to an earlier one, or reassigned to other authorizers or reviewers.

A new button ‘Delete Form’ makes the complete deletion of a form easier.

Images linked to forms may now be rotated when viewed.


The sending of error alerts from the Task Scheduler can now be controlled using parameters on System Parameters.


Ledger Export XML now includes a new element which provides path and filename data for images linked to a transaction.


For Employee-Employee Roles you may now specify that a Role is to be automatically set, for example, using such fixed relationships as ‘Timesheet Authoriser’ on an Employee record. This enables you to use Routing Rules (which are Role based) to control workflow without having to update Employee records in respect of Role relationships.


Password options have been enhanced, enabling the enforcement of length and composition rules, such as lower case, upper case, numeric, alphabetic and special characters.


The Project Portal features of Version 4 (one-click reporting, inquiries, planning and approving) have been incorporated into the Employee Index, making Employee-based analysis equally convenient.

When a user attempts to close the PSW by clicking the closure ‘X’ at the top right hand corner of the page, a warning will request confirmation. This is designed to reduce the number of improper closures which can lock a user out of the PSW for some minutes.

Runtime parameters for reports are now easier to use, and fixed parameters have been removed from the page.