[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.0.7

[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.0.4 have been released.

This article summarises the key features contained in this version.

Browser (PSW) Changes

Drilldown: Inquiries in the PSW may now link to ‘subreports’. These are nominated inquiry profiles to which row values are passed as runtime parameters. Subreports open in a new browser page, and may themselves contain subreports.

You may now search for forms and timesheets from PSW form and timesheet lists using a search value field.

You may now specify form number and timesheet number as a runtime parameter in Inquiry Profiles and Immediate Reports.

You may specify tooltips for column headers for forms.

You may specify that immediate printing of forms take place following submission or confirmation.

All usage of inquiries, together with the parameters chosen by a user, is recorded in the database for audit purposes.

A form delete button is now provided on forms.

You may specify on Routing Rules the workflow step at which a ‘start processing date’ is recorded in the system. This date is visible in form lists in the PSW and enables priority sequencing of forms.

A queue length may be specified for each employee so that when random distribution of forms across a role is specified for workflow, queue lengths are not exceeded.

Visibility of the ‘Info’ button on forms may be controlled by workflow stage

Status and document link field visibility may be controlled by workflow stage.

Use of inquiry profiles when extracted records exceed a specified number may be prevented.

A colour may be specified for error messages in the error grid when a form is validated.

The image handling page is improved with rotation and zoom buttons.

Maintenance Application Changes

All changes to Employee records are recorded and a full audit trail is visible in Maintenance Employee History.

In Credit Card Import you may now specify that credit card statements should be sent to Employees instead of Proxies.

Version 4.0.7 also contains a number of bug fixes and full details of these can be obtained by contacting the [email protected] Support Desk.