[email protected] and [email protected] 4.7.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 4.7.4 of [email protected] and [email protected]


Employees may now optionally appoint their own Proxies through the My Details portal.
The Info button (which shows details about an employee) is now visible and usable on Timesheets as well as on Forms.
When Timesheet Period (Calendar Month in [email protected]) or Accounting Period are runtime parameters in browser based reports and inquiries, the combo will open at the period appropriate for ‘today’s date’.

The following video provides a summary of the 3 new features in this version.

Bug Fixes & Changes

4154 Read only values are no longer deleted after Posting in Planning if editable part of partially read only transactions are changed.

4152 Not Validated analysis can now be updated using My Details.

4151 Timesheet can now be submitted when Project is Pre-filled From Diary with Status not acceptable/prohibited on Timesheet

4150 Freezing of Calculations is now possible even when last column has Manual Override enabled.

4148 Unicode characters can now be entered into the Description fields in Routing rules.

4146 Improved handling of Unicode characters.

4145 Improved handling of linked audio files in Firefox or Safari.

4144 Value Tables Analysis criterion can now contain Unicode characters.

4142 It is now possible to enter negative values in Value Tables and Error Tables.

4140 Form Type name can now contain the ‘+’ sign.

4139 Improved Data import handling so that source text files of less than 4 columns can now be imported.

4138 Resolved an issued which prevented Employee Details from being opened when the Employee has no Employee Name.

4137 Resolved issues with Original Cross Rates override not working correctly in Invoicing.

4136 Changed the working of Cross rates override so that it now works correctly when InProc mode is not used.

4133 Improved robustness of the Task scheduler.

4131 Increased length of Calculation fields.

4110 Resolved an issue where Override Rate dialogue is shown Empty when line is recalculated twice with first run accepting rate from DB in Journal Entry.

4107 Corrected a situation where ‘Cross Rates not found’ errors are ignored during Posting when some calculations are calculated using Cross Rate Reversals

4101 Improved support for IE 10.

4092 Employee Details of Closed Employees are no longer visible in the Employee Index.