[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.6.5 Now Available

[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.6.5 have been released. This release provides new functionality, speed improvements and addresses a number of issues identified in previous releases of the software:

– Improvements to the speed of the Client Selection Tool on Timesheet Entry.

– Form Types with unicode characters are now available for editing on PSW.

– Invoice Reference has now been added to Runtime parameters on the Web.

– Corrects an issue whereby Validated employee analysis were wrongly prefilled in PSW – My Details.

– Corrects a problem where by the option “Selectable” is not applied during routing when Error Hierarchy shows a warning.

– Resolves an issue that stopped Inquiry Profiles being run if Maintenance is run after unsuccessful login.

– Corrects a error in the PSW Portal caused when Employee was added to the Filter/Sort column list.

– Authoriser Selection is now available if ‘Submit with Warnings’ option is displayed.

– The validated Analysis fields do not have an empty value in combo on Employee Details.