[email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.7.1 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of [email protected] and [email protected] Version 4.7.1

For details on upgrading, direct clients should contact [email protected] Customer Services. Clients who are managed by [email protected] Resellers and Partners should contact their Account Manager.

Version 4.7.1 solves a number of small problems found in the initial release of 4.7 (full details in the Release Notes below).

In addition Version 4.7.1 includes a number of significant enhancements.

Version 4.7.1 Enhancements

There is now an option to append transactions to a current form when importing credit card transactions using Credit Card Import, rather than creating a new form. You may also specify that when appending, the system should create or append to forms based on the accounting period to which transactions belongs. This is a way of ensuring that a form will contain only transactions belonging to one accounting period.

By default, Planning Profiles will now prevent data loss on posting after inadvertent change of granularity (from Day to Timesheet or Account Period). You may suppress this option.

In the absence of a Status column in a Planning Profile, a default Status value is now determined and posted.

There is now an option to prefill a timesheet not only with recent Project/Task combinations but also with Activity Values (except for Analysis Categories marked as Not Validated). This is set by default on a Timesheet Type definition, but it may also be set on an Employee record, or suppressed, including by an Employee if the field is included in My Details.

You may now suppress the use of document level authorisation and review for Timesheets and Forms by Employee. Thus you can ensure that specific Employees must always open a Timesheet or a Form before authorising or reviewing it.

Where Projects and Employees can be selected in grids in the PSW (Ledger Modification, Approvals) the list of available Employees and Projects in the selection tool is determined by the rules that apply when Runtime Parameters are selected, as defined for the Profile (by Data Access Restrictions or Standard Restrictions).

Our next release will be Version 4.7.2 which will be released in the next few weeks with some additional enhancements. Following the release of 4.7.2 we will begin work on Version 4.8, which will be released towards the end of this year.

Version 4.7.1 Release Notes

The following are the changes provided with this version (numbers are internal [email protected] references)

4069 Employee’s Confirm Password now correctly processed on WEB Maintenance.

4063 Custom Errors for whole Web are now suppressed correctly.

4062 Non validated analysis values can now be selected from the available list, click on dropdown button now works correctly on Employee Details.

4060 The security of the web site has been improved to prevent an XSS attack on Employee Index and Project Portal.

4058 Rectified an issue with plans being posted for closed Employees.

4054 A warning related to loss of information due to changed granularity is now correctly displayed.

4053 Planning Profiles can now be posted (previously an error was received when a Status was changed).

4052 When the parameter “Allow Partial Submission” is used on a Timesheet Type, there is now an option to rewrite lines when posting the regenerated Timesheet.

4051 Inquiry Profile results now display correctly (previously they were incorrect if they were based on a Document Status and the Forms were created from Timesheets).

4048 The [email protected] installer no longer shows an error if the Maintenance Application is installed alone without the [email protected] Maintenance.

4039 The Main Tab on Employee record is now visible for recently created Access Profiles after upgrade.

4038 The Date analysis now behaves correctly (no longer showing the Date Picker button on Timesheet or Form after Save & Validate if this analysis was enabled by Project).

4037 Corrected an issue with Security Settings on Inquiry Profiles used as Subreports.

4036 Corrected an issue with exceptions during Form processing which weren’t always presented to the user.

4035 Improved handling of Form Splits in situations where a partially filled form was created by a Credit Card Import and where Error Hierarchies dependent on Project are specified in the system.

4032 Improvements to the user interface so that Scrollbars are not visible in Inquiries if not needed.

4031 Removed the small horizontal scroll bar in subreport with frozen column.

4030 Default Freeze Column on Form Type is now saved when arrows are used to move to next record.

4029 Error no longer occurs when an Employee is dragged to the Planning grid from the Allocation Tool.

4028 When you click on Show/Hide Summary, the panel on the left now displays correctly.

4026 The positioning of an analysis values list has been improved.

4025 Data dictionary is now created with the correct schema, if a unicode character is used in its name.

4022 Ledger Modification no longer shows an error when editing Date Analysis and the user clicks on another control and grid is grouped.

4021 DevExpress.Web.ASPxGrid.dll is no longer referenced by PSW as it is not used.

4019 The Split button no longer shows an error when used on 2nd and subsequent pages of a Form.

4018 Disabled task’s text field now has the correct format in Planning grid.

4017 The Skills button is now available to a Line Manager on the Employee Index record when required.

4015 The selection of Allocation Level now correctly recognises the user’s clicking.

4014 Regional settings are now applied correctly in the CSW.

4013 The content of the first tab opened is now correctly displayed when a user has the Employee’s Main tab suppressed.

4011 Modified the Label for Workflow Inquiries in Project Portal so that it displays correctly in IE8.

4010 Corrected an issue with diaries expanding a newly displayed group after a move of a time window.

4002 Submit with Warnings and showing of Submission message now work together.

4001 We have changed the error message when a user enters more than 30 characters into Analysis Values on Project, Client, Employee and Task.

3933 Resolved an error received during data import into a budget (when importing a file with a missing Employee even if Employee is not mandatory).

3750 Notes field in Journal Entry / Correction Tool is no longer always ‘read-only’.