Version 4.8.1 Released

We are very pleased to announce the latest release of [email protected] software:


Key Enhancements

  • Google Chrome is now supported.
  • Suppress Multiple Invoicing and Suppress Invoicing fields now available for reporting in Inquiry Profiles, Ledger Modification etc.
  • The Read Only Settings tab on Form Type and Read Only Templates now allow you to control the availability of a number of buttons on a form, including Form Deletion.
  • When a grid of data is exported to Excel from [email protected] Maintenance, the screen now shows both how many records will be exported and how many have been exported so far.
  • Override exchange rate now applied to all identical combinations of currency codes on a single row.
  • Form based attachments are now also available for view in Inquiry Profiles and Approval Profiles.
  • The Employee Selection tool in Form Entry will no longer list Employees who have Form Entry suppressed. This enables complete ‘closure’ of an Employee in respect of Form Entry.

Bug Fixes

4269    Reporting Services Server URL option label corrected

4267    Analysis set as Null invalid causes an error message in Invoicing when left empty

4266    Some numbers cannot be entered with decimal positions in expense rows in Desktop Planning

4263    Analysis value with Open From date and without Open To date causes error message when used in a Form

4262    Restrictions control does not show activity analysis values if it does not Use Selection Tool

4260    Role based selections are ignored when used in a sub-report

4259    ‘Last Used’ date is incorrectly set when an Inquiry Profile has both a grid option and a report option

4258    Routing doesn’t route a document correctly when Random Routing is used and only one Employee is available due to zero Queue Length values for all others

4256    Task control is not enabled and cleared when Project Selection tool is used in Planning

4255    Activity Analysis Open From/To are not available in Data Import

4254    Evaluate Creation Employee does work correctly in Approvals

4251    If quote mark (“) is used in Task field and Activities are being chosen with Selection Tool, then error appears when trying to open Activities list

4248    Session used in Expense.InitializeColumns

4243    Excel files exported from grouped grids from Approvals or Ledger Modification are not correctly exported with Excel groups