Version 4.8.2 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of the [email protected] Version 4.8.2 suite of applications:

Version 4.8.2 contains a number of significant enhancements, including one of the most frequently requested items, the ability to specify that a form line is pre-populated with today’s date.Additionally:Inquiries 

  • Invoice Accounting Period can now be used as a runtime parameter in the PSW.
  • Ledger ID can be included as an inquiry field.
  • [email protected] Maintenance Inquiries performance has been significantly improved.
  • You may now specify that executed SQL statements will not be stored when an Inquiry is run. This results in space saving in the SQL tables.
  • A new Task Scheduler task will delete stored SQL statements that are older than a specified number of days.

Ledger Export

  • We have improved and simplified the steps necessary to set Sequence Number and Date/Time as elements of output path name.
  • Multiple external applications may be run in Ledger Export with runtime parameters (we will shortly be publishing three new executable programs (MULTIPLY, GROUP, SORT) to make the task of preparing output files for import into accounting systems easier).
Proxy Submission & Employee Confirmation
  • A Form Type option allows Proxy submission of forms for Employee confirmation with validation errors, and return to Proxy from Employee with validation errors.
  • We have added an indicator so that the export of employee allocations to Exchange diaries is marked as successful or not.
  • An option in Planning allows blank lines to be hidden.
  • The presence of notes is now indicated in historical timesheets.
  • You may specify that Transaction Date is to be prefilled with Today’s Date in forms.
  • Linked documents are now shown on multiple pages (this resolves a technical issue that arises when too many thumbprint or preview images are prepared).
Error Tables
  • You may specify that an Error Table is to be applied only to the first or the last line of a form (this enables, for example, comparison of an accumulated total with an entered total (as a header numeric analysis field)).
Bug Fixes

Version 4.8.2 contains the following bug corrections:


4298    Accumulations in Ledger Modification now accumulate only earlier rows than the current row rather than accumulating all transactions,


4297    Analysis Values for Task Analysis can now be deleted in [email protected] Maintenance


4295    Export from Excel in the PSW no longer asks for credentials


4289    Inquiry deadlocks when Posting is running and the Notes field is shown no longer occur


4288    Return from Authorisation of Mobile PSW Timesheets when there are warnings no longer results in inadvertent submission


4282    Data in Planning are now validated for all time windows, not only the current one


4276    Infor PM Q&A has been corrected so that it can work with XML data types in the [email protected] ledgers


4272    Timesheets generated for Proxies are now prefilled correctly from the Diary ledger


4271    Timesheets submitted by Proxies now correctly override previous timesheets


4306    Restrictions from a previously created Task are not incorrectly applied to the next created Task


4305    PSW Ledger Modification now shows page numbers correctly


4302    [email protected] and [email protected] no longer show Timesheets to Confirm in PSW Options


4301    PSW Ledger Modification now opens correctly if there are no Approval Status Values defined in the database


4300    When a Timesheet is opened in Authorisation and modification is suppressed Modification, Project, Task and Activities are now correctly rendered into the Mobile PSW grid

For further information on Version 4.8.2 or to suggest some additional enhancements you would like to see please Contact Us.