Version 4.8.4 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of the [email protected] Version 4.8.4 suite of applications:


Version 4.8.4 contains the following enhancements:

Export Sequences

You may now specify (on an Export Sequence definition record) that when an exported transaction is modified, thereby generating a reversal and a new transaction, export sequence numbers should not be copied to the reversal and new transaction. This enables modifications automatically to be picked up and exported by Ledger Export.

Approving transactions posted from Planning

Transactions posted from a Planning Profile to the Actuals ledger (a fairly recent possibility) may now be considered for Approval in Approval Profiles. Any transaction undergoing Approval cannot be modified in a Planning Profile.

Ledger Export

We have provided more space in Ledger Export Profiles for the specification of parameters for the standard post-processing programs MULTIPLY, GROUP, SORT, and RENAME.

Single Sign On

This now works for the mobile browser version as well as for the standard browser version.


Restrictions, Accounts and Outlook Fields are no longer copied when the Copy button is used to create a new Employee if these tabs are hidden from view in the current context. Photographs are also not copied.


Version 4.8.4 contains the following bug corrections:

4417   Page refresh in Approvals swaps date and month for dates if Employee is using American formatting

4414   Data in exported Excel from desktop Planning sometimes shows in some columns true or false values instead of numbers

4408   Projects with an apostrophe in their code do not work properly in Planning

4407   Linked texts (Notes) are missing in Invoices reprinted from Archives

4405   Long text in Invoice address results in error message “Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status” when Invoice is produced

4395   A Ledger Export profile is not saved after an error informing of an empty value in Output file path option is displayed

4394   Optional parameters in Ledger Export do not warn that long values are cropped

4391   If notes are used on a form with diarise enabled, then Timesheet is prefilled but with one day as one row

4390   Error appears when you try to save Allocation Schedule Parameters profile without specifying a Planning Profile

4386   Form cannot be recalled when some of its analysis contains string with apostrophe

4384   If there are more than 9 calculations allocated to an Invoice Data Profile, you cannot access these when mapping a Planning Profile

4383   Routing Rules deletion causing Maintenance to crash

4291   ‘Project’ and ‘Project Name’ are not shown in ‘Reprint Invoices’ grid when INVOICE lines are archived