Version 4.8 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of the [email protected] Version 4.8 suite of applications:

[email protected] Version 4.8
[email protected] Version 4.8
[email protected] Version 4.8

This short video summarises the key enhancements and full details of the changes are listed below.

Version 4.8 contains a number of significant enhancements, including:


Increased character limit on non validated analysis fields to 512 characters (currently 30).
Increased character limit on validated analysis fields to 255 characters (currently 30).
Administrators can specify a character limit for each analysis category (e.g. limit to 30 characters).
Analysis values can now be validated using Regular Expressions (such as “all alphabet”, “yes or no”, etc).
Together these enhancements greatly extend the usefulness of activity analysis values. They may be used more extensively within forms to update employee, client, project and task analysis on posting. In addition they may be used in conjunction with chained ledger export/data import profiles to enable workflow around the creation of new projects, clients, employees and tasks.


Administrators now have the ability to restrict Activity Analysis Values based on Tasks ([email protected]) and Reason ([email protected]) selected.
Administrators can now restrict Activity Analysis Values in one list based on the values selected in another Activity Analysis field.
These two enhancements greatly extend the possibility of specifying structures in the system and creating hierarchies within form entry.

Projects & Expense Types

You may now force the attachment of an image in a form if a Project ([email protected]) or Expense Type ([email protected]) is selected in a form row.

Form and Timesheet Reports

You may suppress the Report button on Timesheets and Forms at system or document level, either for current documents or for historical documents or for both.

Switch Identity

You may now enable more than one Employee to Switch Identity.

Error Tables

You may now specify the application date of an Error Table in terms of offset from a period or date.
This enables, for example, the prevention of entry of expense transactions with a date more than, say, three months in the past.


You may suppress the availability of Recent Project functionality in the selection tool.
You may enable more than one timesheet to be posted for the same employee for a period.

Inquiries and Ledger Exports

You can now, optionally, prevent inquiry and export results from containing multiple ledger instances when approval status fields are included.


A fifth date has been added as a header field for invoices and credit notes.

Excel Export in the PSW

Export to Excel from the browser has been radically revised and will now export numeric and date items as formatted data.

Copying Form Types and Timesheet Types

Form Types and Timesheet Types can now be copied using the toolbar Copy button.